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Shoutcast constant Buffering, Cutting in and out

Shoutcast Support (DJ Egg, etc...)

I broadcast directly thru your shoutcast server (NO DNAS). Format MP3, Stream bitrate 128

I broadcast from my internet FIBER at home (100 Mbps in & 100 Mbps out).

I ping your "" server and the pings are fast... no time out request.

Also, I'm listening from any other location (office, friends, cellphone, etc...)... Shoutcast buffering all the time. No matter the time of the day.

Buffering at home also when listening.

No matter the application I use: radionomy (HTML5), tuneIn, Orange radio, VLC streaming, Nomy (android)

After all my reading on many forums... it sounds that the problem is on shoutcast server side.

If it's a global issue... Does somebody at shoutcast is looking at the issue? any ETA?

Any suggestion to make it better with no buffering (cutting in and out)?

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