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Originally posted by eleet-2k2
Hey PulseDriver. Use Alcohol 120% to read most (all?) CDs and DVDs with copy-protection. Secondly, use a program called Daemon Tools (free) to read the CD image once you have created it. It mounts the image on the harddrive (to a fake CD drive).
I use Alcohol 52% for reading the images. But 120% can also create all the images for you.. and it's really good with copy-protection.

Originally posted by ElChevelle
First off, I didn't say I would have banned you. I said you were lucky to have gotten a more forgiving mod.
However, being here for over 3 years as you say doesn't admonish you but tells everyone that you should have known better since many have come and gone for the same infraction.
"Pretty fucked up for being banned for that" is often heard from many who have "fucked up". Length of time here or status has no bearing on what you are allowed to do. Only your actions are.
I know how long someone has been a member doesn't change what rules apply to them, but when I said I didn't realise I was linking to a questionable site and slipped up I expect people here to believe here because of that fact seeing as how it's never happened before.

The link was just replaced with *link removed*, but I went and edited the post so it didn't even mention the site period because I realised that I shouldn't have linked to the site here. And I appoligised.

Like I said, an honest mistake. And don't forget it was 5 in the morning when I made that post, my awareness was a little lower that usual ...
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