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My mouth takes an acidic texture
Eyes, shut tight, blinded by the silence
Blinding silence, such as a million voices whispering a hush
Echoing across my blankened mind
I see your name written in the stars
A mental interpretation of celestial perfection
I wrote your name upon the stars
My finger traced the lines
Connect the dots, reveal the form
Creation of such beauty in my mind
That is were your name belongs
Amidst the infinite heavens
Since possibly in that dark amethyst sea
A word exists that pairs with that name
A word that can speak, and tell, and show
What my fingers so easily drew
Such is the limit of words we use
None of them, completly equate to you
But with such equal simplicity, my finger has done
What my mind, my mouth, my lips, my tongue
Have failed to have found even such a one
I trace, your name, upon the stars
Happy to see you in your proper home
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