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So gently now as the rain falls
I star off into the darkened sky
Steel grey mixed with nights mysterious hues
Words are falling, with each drop of rain
Poems, stories, paragraphs and things
Dictionaries written and cast aside
Can you read the thunderstorm's tale?
Poetic perfection in the form of pillars of fire
Threading down towards the earth like a clotheswire
The rain falls so slightly now
Story lulls, bides, waits ever so patiently
Susepnse woven with firy thread
Climax awoken with glass shattering sound
Raging tempest too fair abound
Lost, in the malestorm; as frozen hails now striked the ground
A whole new story, a whole new verse
The same sounds are being made, yet the language is worst
Harsh and foreboding as the storm rages
All in meter to the pitter-patter of the falling rain
Yet lightning still weaves and thunder still crashes
Storm brings to me this varied fury
Yet the binding thread though it all
Changed no more then my own faulty percepetion
The rain falls so softly now
Hardly noticable at all
Storm wastes its last breaths on mingling damp
Watch now as the lightning rips apart the sky
It taunts the tranquility
Even though this storm wanes with time
The true fury of it all, unfortunately, never dies
Distracted by the simple splattering rain
The storm wages on, obliterate to pretend
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