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As the aged sun sets beyond golden trimmed hills
Rays of bountiful light burst forth from hazy horizon
Yes I see the light as my tear glistening eyes reflect
An infinite passing beyond such a simple moment,
All else is put to rest during this one moment
Here I sit, the living dead amongst the angels
A forsaken hope left to lie in deaths grasp
To have seen those same infinite hills,
Bound by equally infinite chasam
Walking along the walls of that immortal behest
Perspective forced upon us not quite so blest
With sound mind and straight forward paths

Life seems so simple through a childs playful eye
As we grow older, our eyes are the first to die
Yet to sit and see these glorious reflections
Dancing upon spheres of listlist redemptions
They are deeply satisfying sensations
To know, that through it all, an angel would lie in my arms
Not along those other-wordly trails
But on these normal-wordly lives
Given a chance not given to those who die
Pheonix through the ashes, you must crumble to transcend
Is that what it feels like to be used?
Is that what it feels like to abuse?
They all lie in their own shallow graves
Carved with those numbers they lived their lives by
What does it feel like to be the one using others?
For one to sit and muse their life away
With angels and demons and who knows what else to say
Leeching, devouring, consuming the stories long since written
Stealing the persons who no longer have a say
I may carry my share of the load
Is that what it feels like to rape the memories of long gone friends
No sorrow, no remorse, no mental transfixing poison
Can amount to this deep-seating void
I'm sitting here, with an angel in my arms
The culmination of the first chapter of my journey
Through the flames and fires of hell and beyond
With my brothers at my side
I'm all thats left
Me, here, with this angel in my arms
With these glorious twinkling reflections across my eyes
Basking in the suns last golden glow
Can I really accept to be
The singular living memory
Of these brothers I once had?
Ashes through ashes
Yet not dust to dust
We burn away these last misgivings
To allow the clean and pure smoke
A chance to fly into a new day
As this angel lies in my arms
The culmination of a steep trail
The suns soft rays, melt a tranquil peace
Upon the ever fading past
Burning the memory upon my skin
"Carry on my child, you have many more breaths to take in"

Sun sets, sleep taunts, moon rises, thoughts erupt

An angel rests upon my shoulder
Gently sleeping the night away
Mind electrified by yellow moons rays on my freshly burnt skin
Angels are not prizes, presents, or gifts
That can't be the final conclusion
Much more discerning must exist
As the frost singes across the window pane
One burnt out mind begins to truley shine
Amidst the dancing colors of a hallucinogen melted brain
Ponderings erupt as bursts of musical color
Symphonies play as the game goes on
These thoughts wash away all misconceptions
Leaving the purest form behind
To know myself as much as I know the faded dreams
Naked I stand against my own inquisitive insane
Judge, jury, prosecutor, executioner
Present as a delicate violin quartet
Now, we are ready; cleared of all the rest,
it's up to your final test

An angel came to me, at a time of much opportunity
Nervous, timid, mysterious, disastorous
Bliss can only be found in the greatest risk
Gamble it all; win it all
A rebuilt tower, can not stand without it's old foundation
A rebuilt mind, can not stand without it's old experiances
As the tower to the mind, the foundations can never change
Winning a gamble, elation like no other
New towers, new flowers, new hours, new powers
It's an amzing thing, having an angel lie in your arms
Accept my scars, accept my blessings
Open up my tear drenched eyes
Awake into this new begining
The moon still shines with a now silvery hue
It's graceful arc through obsidian sky
Never again shall it fall and die
For even through the slings and torment of loss and ruin
This moon smiles and shines:
"Life in love, is definitly worth completing"
Sunburnt scars, now shine into soft silver shimmer

The last six years have been interesting to say the least. The next six can only build upon those last.
Goodnight everyone. This has been a very good evening.
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