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Originally posted by CraigF
Not sure what you mean by music dvds, unless you mean data discs, which is on the wishlist. But with regards to the audiophile reference, the foobar2000 FAQ actually answers that:

The key is that last phrase, other players have been following the steps that foobar lays. Winamp is no different in this regard with newer versions supporting both replaygain and 24bit as you state.

I guess, use whatever you are happy with.
Yes, I mean DVD and CD data discs. My car stereo can play mp3 CDs so it would be great to be able to burn them directly from Winamp.

I did read the foobar2000 faq also, but I have some pretty persistent friends saying that this player is something special. I guess I will stick with what I am happy with which has been and still is Winamp.


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