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so I ask here if anyone have been using foobar2000, and if it really has all the coolness and sonic excellence people are telling me it has?
- foobar doesn't sound better than winamp (and winamp doesn't sound better than foobar)
- new foobar versions don't support older plugins
- foobar is ugly (this is just my point of view)
- Winamp supports most 2.x plugins and tons of the beautiful classic skins
- I prefer the Winamp GUI
- Winamp classic doesn't use many resources, when people say foobar or Winamp 2.x are faster and use less RAM than Winamp 5.x, it's simply not true

Well, I don't use stuff like Dashboard etc, but as long as you can uncheck these things, Winamp is still cool and I have many plugins, which I won't miss anymore.
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