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Originally posted by gorbe010
Try to load a 20.000 list on winamp..and go for a search with a list like that... Foobar is much faster than winamp but not as fancy though. If you want better sound reproduction go for Vuplayer. Winamp does not stand a chance in my opinion in a world of 24 bit sound cards, lossless codes: .ape, .ogg, .flac, .wma pro; not to mention DTS or Dolby Pro Logic. Belive me, for all in a day use go for foobar2000, for decent sound quality in standard formats...go for Vuplayer. If you only have an onboard sound card stick with winamp, if not, try any of the players i have mentioned before. Vuplayer also has a nice mini player control which is very practical. Winamp is a drawback for sound cards like audigy series, X-Fi series!!!! I agree that are some plugins to improve the quality of reproduction but why bother when better players are available?? Good luck..
And can we ask... when did you last use Winamp?
More than 3 years ago, by the sounds of it.

Winamp supports 24bit soundcards (Prefs > Playback > Allow 24 bit)
Winamp natively supports ogg, flac, and lossless wma encoding & decoding (.ape is provided by a 3rd-party plugin)
And my 30,000+ list loads instantly (whether via the media library, or via a saved playlist - sure it might take a bit longer if it's got to read all the metadata first, if loading via Explorer, but there's an option to not read metadata on load for that).

Hmm, never heard of Vuplayer before... but I've just looked at its feature list, and there's nothing on there that Winamp can't do, including gapless playback, cd-text support, audioscrobbler support, etc etc. And Winamp doesn't look like a glorified version of Notepad either :-p

Get with the times dude. Winamp blows the competition away :/
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