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EMusic's "Free Trial" - Deceptive Liars

Has anyone else had issues with EMusic and the so-called "free trial" they claim to offer for downloading Winamp?

You are supposed to get 50 free songs as part of an initial trial membership. Instead, they give you credit for only 30.

They also include a deceptive link that says you can get a free audiobook as part of your trial. OK, fine, but when you go to select the book they are promoting (Clapton's autobiography, actually) they say "Oops, it's not available at the moment!"

These would just be annoyances, but when you complain about their gamesplaying, they charge your account $9.99 - not once, but twice!

Has anyone else run into these decepticons and their bait-and-switch unscrupulous business practices?
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