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Ignore the tards

Originally posted by rr-nyc
Responding to existing threads == making new threads? Huh?

Yawn. Friggin' cross-whiner*... Haven't you got better things to do like shovel snow or something? :-) Relax, take the day off, I'm sure you have something better to do.

* cross-whiner, n. (From the French-Canadian "croissaueenert" - "one who goes out of his way to seek out other people's posts to complain about")
I believe the correct French-Canuck would be

"le troll du posts de la croix"

These people seem to have nothing better to do than troll and whine, and gloat about their imagined superiority. Don't sweat it. It's a worthy effort to expose crooks, as well as to annoy schooks. Don't let the smarmhounds bother you.

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