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I understand Windows is still the most used OS. But Windows has reached it's hieght of success and is now on it's downward spiral. Most people use Windows XP, which Microsoft will soon stop support for. Not enough people are buying Vista, and with no one buying new Windows versions MS won't be generating revenue. And with support for XP stopped, and people unwilling to move on to a new version of Windows, alternatives such as Ubuntu are becoming more popular. It's only a matter of time before Windows becomes so diluted it will no longer be the mainstream OS. MS is already abondaning Visa and working on a new Windows, this proves thier desperation and supports my arguement. Hence, it is better to abandon ship now then go down with Windows. If you wait to long, eventually there will be a media player as good as Winamp in the Linux community and Winamp may not have such success.

On a side note, I don't put much faith in statistics.
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