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wouldn't be right to keep this unbumped the entire day.

had a traditional thanksgiving this year, turkey (16 pounder we got for free with one of those "spend $100, get a free turkey up to 20 pounds" deals at thriftway) brined it over night and then into the oven, was good, the wings were nice and moist, the breast was kinda right in the middle, not exactly juicy, but not exactly dry either (got left in the oven a little too long, like everything around here, at least this wasn't blackened/charred when it came out though), tasted good, had all the usuall stuff, cranberries, stove top, mashed potatoes (the actual mashed and now powdered kind, i know, i got a large chunk that didn't get the treatment in mine) (i bet they opened the wine BEFORE cooking this year lol).

nearly the best part though was a good excuse to get a 12 pack of henry weinhard's rootbeer, man that stuff is awesome, if you've never had rootbeer that's REALLY brewed and not in a tin can, you've never had rootbeer.

and no, i'm not big on beer, or i would have got some of that instead, it all tastes recycled if you ask me and i doubt i'd be able to find a good excuse to pour myself vodka for thanksgiving

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