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New build version 2009-06-13

- Based on NSIS v2.45
- Fixed: The serial number page show validation error texts if the an abort page is inserted and if you cancel the page while the fields are not filled.
- Fixed: The SoftGrey Skin was show the SoftBule images

SkinnedControls plugin:
- Fixed: InstallOptionsEx button were not skinned (by daz)
- Fixed: Vista SP1, SP2 and Seven x64 buttons were not drawn (by daz)

InstallOptionsEx plugin updated to version 2.4.2b2:
- Compiled with VisualStudio 2008. Smaller dll.
- Added: skipValidation dll function: If a page contains fields with MinLen or MaxLen and ValidateText attributes, you can go to the next page by skipping the text validation.</li>
- Fixed: Memory access violation (by phalanger)
- Fixed: Transparent icons had a grey background (by daz)
- New: Two versions of the plugin are available: a legacy version and a version using the new NSIS plugin API.


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