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Originally posted by osmosis
does it resolve when you close and reopen winamp? sometimes this plugin causes a new second icon to show up (if you have winamp pinned) when you first mess with some settings, so no icon seems within the realm of possibility as well.
Yeah, I tried restarting and it still doesn't show up in the Applications list. Winamp functions normally, it just doesn't show up under Applications in the Task Manager. I've since noticed that, even without this plugin installed, when you have it set to show winamp in the system tray and you minimize, the taskbar icon disappears (as it always has), but winamp also disappears from the Applications list in the Task Manager. It comes back when you click on the system tray icon to bring winamp back up. I guess this is normal because it also happens on my laptop that has xp. So maybe removing the title is having the same effect as removing the icon from the task bar. Except there's no way to bring it back without disabling the title removal.
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