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Winamp pro, not playing music

I just downloaded the newest version of Winamp for my HTC Desire android, and the first thing I did was upgrading it to "pro".

I have an issue:

It doesn't play music. One could say this is a pretty big issue.
I pick a song but the bar (that shows where you are in the song) doesn't move. I have tried to pause/unpause and move it around the song, as well as trying several songs.
I have also tried to restart my phone.

I also tried the stock music player and that works just fine.


I just re-installed it and now it works.


Ok, the problem is still there. I just tried to play songs from an album and nothing would play. Then I went to another album, played a song and went to the first album whilst that was playing, and now it worked.


I just tried two things and couldn't recreate the problem.

1: Letting one song from one album play, and just going from song to song in various albums whilst the last song played = worked fine.

2: Doing the same, but pausing before going to a new song = worked fine.

I will come back if I encounter it again.

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