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While Winamp is not running, try deleting the cddbplm.pdb cddbplm.idx cddbplm.gcf and elists.db files. That will start with a clean slate, then try rescanning.

The files will be located in...

%AppData%\WInamp\Plugins\Gracenote Where %appdata% is a shortcut to the 'Application Data'/'User Settings' folder. You can click on the Start button > click the Run icon and put %AppData%\WInamp\Plugins\Gracenote in the Open box and click OK. That should bring you to the Gracenote data folder in 'Application Data'/'User Settings'.

The actual path will vary with the current Windows version you are using. Example...

Windows Vista & Win7

For others reading this thread and using an earlier version of Windows...
Windows 2000 Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Winamp\Plugins\Gracenote

For some Win XP & 2000 users the files may be located in
C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Gracenote

Known bug, alas.

You'll have to delete the database files...

Close Winamp

In Windows Explorer, go to the Winamp\Plugins\Gracenote folder

Delete these 3 files only:

cddbplm.gcf :
cddbplm.pdb :
cddbplm.idx :

Reopen Winamp

Make sure there's an internet connection available, and Winamp is not being blocked by a firewall.

Restart the Playlist Generator scan, and let it complete 100%, without interrupt.

The bug is fixed for the next release.

Also, if you're using a proxy connection, then it isn't going to work until 5.51 (another known bug, already fixed internally).

If you have a new install of 5.5 or later then Winamp stores its settings, and I assume these files in %appdata%\Winamp
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