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Winamp Backup Tool v1.0 RC3 released

1.0 RC3:

- added Backup/Restoration of German Language Pack installer config file (--> Winamp Core Settings)
- added Backup/Restoration of Winamp Backup Tool settings :P (--> Winamp Core Settings)
- made that tool saves default restore path to Winamp_Backup_Tool.ini file as well
--> should be more safe and consistent with the behavior of custom pathes
- updated PortogueseBR language file to v1.2 (thanks candiba)
- [Installer] made installer cleans up license files in installation dir
--> this prevents the tool to install several different license files, if you ran the installer in multiple languages
- [Installer] fixed wrong license file start menu entry for localized builds
- [Installer] fixed wrong license file installation for localized builds
The build in updater should work now too.

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