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Winamp 5.63 problem with media library.

Dear friends,

Perhaps can someone explain this.

I installed Winamp 5.63 long ago and upgraded it to the latest version build 3235. I have also Essentials Pack installed.

Now i have all my music MP3 on external drive, scanned via Winamp it is 407 albums and 1497 tracks (sorry do not have more)

My Winamp crashes a lot. Every time i go to "Recently Played" section and wanna rightclick a track - Winamp crashes. Every time i search for specific file and wanna rightclick on it in the library - Winamp crashes.

The only working popup rightclick menu is in the playlist.

Redoing a profile isn't working...

I attach plugin list by Nunz...

PS: solved with clean reinstall...

PS: @Koopa: Your Winamp 5.63 Essentials Pack was the issue. I do not know what plugin exactly, i had all installed. Something is wrong with your Essentials Pack, if Media Library cannot be rightclicked to open context menu... otherwise crash.
Look into it, please.

After uninstalling of Essentials Pack i do not have problems with context menu.

My plugin list is outdated now, you know.
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