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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
i'm not following... i thought u already had unicode, and the problem tags were MBCS and you were going to add MBCS?

what actually changed?
I exported the Unicode versions of the extended metadata support in the original and last release but the tag support in Opus was pure Ansi. I just assumed that the tag support was only Ansi. I hadn't realized that the Unicode metadata was being translated to and from MBCS which "looks" like regular Ansi if you're not paying close attention. So in the previous versions of the plugin the MBCS data was being sent out as Unicode re-encoded from AnsiStrings instead of as UTF-8 from MBCS and the metadata was garbled and butchered (i.e. "Yuji Ono" instead of "Yūji Ōno" and some other weirdness.)
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