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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
(assuming that multiple instances of the affected plug-ins is really something that needs to be dealt with).
Thus far with my local setup (both for testing and my personal enjoyment) I've worked around it by having more than one install location of Winamp for each instance, however, this isn't always going to be the case for others who might want to run multiple instances of Winamp from the same folder to source streams with different content from the same machine. The current location doesn't resolve it but simply moving it to %APPDATA%\... won't either, it would only resolve the access permissions problem but then bury the log files in a normally hidden folder that's mainly purposed for configurations and user-application specific file storage not intended to be accessed by the end user.

At the moment, I believe leaving the log files where they are for now until I find an ultimate solution is, of course, not anywhere near ideal, but is better than forcing the user to go down the proverbial rabbit hole to retrieve them.

I may end up being forced to create a plugin specific logs folder at the root of the user's namespace (or in My Documents, yuk) with subfolders for different instances but I would need to work out a consistent naming convention to differentiate subfolders, which I would of had to do anyways with either %APPDATA%\... or %PROGRAMFILES%\..., narf.
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