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Winamp Backup Tool v1.1 RC1 available

1.1 RC1:

- changed help button link to
- made update prompt link opens instead of
- improved 'Winamp Extras Pack' backup/restoration method
- improved 'Winamp Info Tool' report path detection code
- improved Skin path detection code
- increased minimal required Winamp Version to
- increased Backup Version to 3.0
- fixed several minor bugs
- removed backup/restoration of Winamp Cloud database/log files
- updated English, German and Polish language files to v1.3
- [Installer/Core] new header images
- [Installer/Core] updated NSIS 2.46.5 (Unicode)
So here is it, the only version which is compatible with latest Winamp version.
The reason why I released the RC before I published the newer language file was, that I would get rid of the old 1.0/1.0.1 beta versions.

Many of Winamps settings changed their locations. Backup tool will write a backup version number to the integrity file now (v3.0 currently), if your integrity file does not fit that number, you cannot use restoration mode and a message will appear.

So to make it short, you must make a new backup, before you can use restoration mode.

An updated English example language file will follow in a bit.

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