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Hi Tovenaar, thanks! You need to unzip the skin, here's how (copy / pasted from somewhere else within the skin heh..) :

1. Switch current Winamp skin to something else other than "Komodo X Touchscreen"
2. Go to you skins folder (usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Skins") and locate the skin file (Komodo_X_Touchscreen_by_Victhor.wal)
3. Rename the file to .zip (*)
4. Extract to " Komodo X Trouchscreen by Victhor" or similar
5. That's it! You can return to Winamp, select the skin again and enjoy Advanced features (like changing font files XD).

PS: It is recommended to rename or delete the wal/zip file so you know when you're using the folder-skin.
PS2: You may need to have administrator privileges to edit this folder (as with anything involving editing files & folders inside Program Files folder).

(*) If you have 7-Zip installed (, you don't need to rename the file, you can just Right click the .wal file and select 7-Zip > extract to "Komodo_X_Touchscreen_by_Victhor\".


Winamp also has a Fonts section / option but it doesn't always work as expected and I kinda prefer you to inspect the skin files, you'll enjoy the skin even more that way =) .
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