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Hi Victhor,

Randomly I'm seeing 1 or more invalid extra characters in 1 or more of the strings for the song title, album name, and/or artist name on the Playlist + List panel. This happens if 1 or more of these strings need to scroll or not.

If I momentarily switch to the previous or next song in the playlist and back when this occurs, the invalid extra characters in the affected strings go away. I've also noticed that when I do this switching to force a correction, it takes awhile for the corruption to start again with subsequent songs. Sometimes I'm able to play all the remaining songs in a playlist without the corruption reoccurring. If I don't force a correction, the corruption of 1 or more of the file info strings occurs more frequently with subsequent songs.

Have you been seeing this? I've installed the v2.03 beta for ClassicPro. It is supposed to have fixed the "Jibirish in File Info statusbar (Winamp bug)". I don't know if this statusbar bug and what I'm seeing on the Playlist + List panel is related.

On another topic: You mentioned awhile back (when we were discussing the Quinto Black CT skin) that you were working on updates for this skin. Any ETA on when these updates may be released?

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