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I don't have any plugin install, I don't like plugins in general.

I've of course follow all the instruction for uninstallation, and download the lastest version of winamp and did the upgrade and like, everything.

Now I figure out it's my Internet Explorer 6 that has problem with winamp, just a moment ago winamp was playing fine until, I start
the IE6, this doesn't happen if I have IE6 on and open winamp, it happens when I load IE6 after winamp or I load up more then like 3 IE windows. I know it because right at the moment of IE6 load up, all my music stop.
Now when I check the task manager, after I closed winamp, both winamp.exe and winampa.exe is still using my resources. Which, is funny, since I disable the winamp agent, so the agent shouldn't run (supposedly).
It was not that much an annoying problem, but it's starting to becoming one, since I have to restart my computer for its sound system to work.
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