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Well, another one rides the bus.

I also experience the "mysterious sound off problem" ... but it's perfectly possible that's this @&ยง%! "internet device"

Compaq IPaq Desktop
SoundMax onboard Sound (can't be more specific, driver just says "Sound device" ), latest driver (from Compaq support)
Win2K SP2, post sp2 security rollup

Installed 2.80 -> Problem appeared
searched Forum -> deinstall 2.80 -> install 2.80a w/ patch-> same thing
searched again -> downgraded to 2.79 -> same thing
searched a little more -> upgraded to 2.80a again and DirectX8.1 -> Winamp's still stopping but now every time I kill the process (which happily lives in the Task Manager after exiting ... ) and force a system beep after that (try kill winlogon ), sound is restored. Start winamp again and have another couple of minutes with my favourite songs ...
And yes, I reinstalled "by the book" and no, no plugins etc.

Another thing - Files are stored on a file-server. I suspected the infamous "disconnect idle network shares after 15 min" bu ... ahem feature being responsible and deactivated it. No improvement

I know that an older version of winamp ran flawlessly on that very pc. I did a complete reinstall recently and so I can't tell exactly which version it was (probably last updated half a year ago).

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