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For those wondering...
4P Plugin Pack contains ALL of Peter's plugins.
wa2update just includes all the latest versions of the default Winamp plugins plus a couple of other extras, whereas 4P contains every WA2 plugin Peter's ever made... eg. all of wa2update plus gen_alpha, in_spc, in_vqf, in_line, gen_dde, out_enc, vis_fract, etc etc.

Note: these extra plugins do NOT affect Winamp output performance for WAV, MIDI, MP3, MOD, CDA, WMA playback. So, if wa2update patch doesn't fix the problem, then I'd be amazed if 4P does (go on, someone prove me wrong...)

Note2: WinNT does not support DirectX versions any later than v4, though can support DirectMedia v6 with this sp patch.

Note3: Glad to hear your problems are fixed, but WinNT and Soundmax onboard chip combination is a sure-fire recipe for disaster
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