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@zackbuffo: i had the same problem, dunno why. however, on googling it, i found hxxp://, which works fine. the download size now is 96 kb instead of the 20.1 kb on the link listed here. hth.

i had to troll the net for like 3 hrs before I found this plugin, perfect for what I wanted it to do, ie display album art for the now playing track on winamp classic with minimum fuss. imho this should be a standard feature on winamp, given that most modern skins (i can think of ebonite-fix, great skin) can do this by default, and all the other plugins for doing this on winamp classic (albumview, coverview, cover&tag etc)are either bug-ridden, or hang winamp, and are nowhere near as good as this plugin, which just rocks. salut & peace.
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