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Thanks for the samples. As I suspected, I can't reproduce the problem.

cpu-usage never rises into double-figures for me, and stays mostly at "0".

At a guess, does it only happen with titles that contain any non-standard characters, eg. any characters that aren't standard ansi english alpha-numeric characters?

(eg. the ë in: DJ Tiësto)

You can tell these because the font is displayed differently in the main window (as in your screenshots), ie. it changes from the built-in bitmap font (all caps, digital square lettering) to whatever font you've got selected in the Winamp Prefs:

Winamp > Prefs > Skins > Modern Skins > Font Rendering tab
(maybe post a screenshot of that page here)

Also, if you changed it from the default, maybe also copy+paste your ATF string here (Winamp > Prefs > Titles), just incase you're using anything beyond the norm which might cause the problem to occur when there's any unicode characters in the titles.

Does the problem occur when you use the classic skin?
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