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Originally posted by mysterious_w
A lot of you seem to treat bars as shitholes where only alky's go to get their fix. How very odd.

Does America not have the binge drinking culture that we have? Or even people who just pop down for a couple of pints and a game of darts?
I spent a good chunk of time near London (Cheltenham Gloucester actually) in college. I can honestly say that bars and clubs in America are no where near the same as they are in the UK.

I have also spent extended time in Greece and the same holds for Athens, Crete, and Santorini.

Americans simply do not treat booze the same way that Europe does. We are not anywhere near as responsible. You may think that the UK is irresponsible, but wait until you come over here.

Bars are festering shit holes in terms of meeting people. Yeah, I will sometimes go with friends, but I would never dream of trying to meet someone at one.

Clubs are even worse because the people there are generally cracked out on various drugs ...

Yea!!! Good times, yea!!!! No. Not really.
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