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Sometimes (since upgrading) the forums hang for me, causing me (the user) to want to refresh, leading to a prompt/popup message asking permission to do something along the lines of 'if you refresh you'll have to resend information', and that might be after the post was registered (but not yet displayed). This causes non-same-minute double posts for some regular members, but since you're a moderator, it allows more than one post per minute.

Based on that I'm guessing the forum got stuck after you submitted, and you either resubmitted, or you refreshed on the 'thanks for speaking up' page.

If that's not the case, then maybe it's the older version of the dpb, or maybe after going through a 13.5 hour day, my brain is starting to shut down now that I'm home and therefore full of shit and you can disregard these hypotheses completely.

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