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Yeah, the media says Libya troubles are causing oil prices to rise. There's always an excuse. Next thing you know a CEO will trip over an untied shoelace and will raise the prices again.

I guess at the price I quoted, one could convert to about $0.92196 per liter.
Converting that to Euros would be 0.660677, so I suppose we are pretty well off here compared to people in Europe.

But, you have to realize, I am required to drive about 57 miles (92 km) per day for work on a 6-cylinder engine (uncompensated this year; last year I had compensation for about 17 of those miles), and fuel costs add up quite a lot.

Because of this I drive the car far more often than the truck when the weather allows a 2-wheel-drive. Renee drives only a few blocks (about a mile), so gas mileage doesn't really make much difference for her, so she takes the truck much more often. When the weather gets bad, usually they get the roads clean in town for her in the car, and I have to use the truck to push through all the snow, mud, or flooding.

The truck only gets 2 units of distance for the same amount of gasoline that can push the car 3 units (truck 20 mpg and car 30 mpg when commuting to work).

I bought these vehicles with strong 6-cylinder engines when my commutes were much shorter, and fuel economy didn't matter much. If my job driving stays this way, I might eventually replace the car with a little high-efficiency econobox.

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