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Entrapment is defined as luring someone into performing a previously or otherwise uncontemplated illegal act. (source)

I read this, found it interesting, and then consulted with a law enforcement officer in the family (being of Irish descent generally gives you countless cops in the family). This is his opinion on the topic (as best as I can paraphrase his reply):

Well, it's targeted at crimes of opportunity, not pre-meditated crimes, and often you end up paying tax dollars to incarcerate someone who otherwise would not have committed the crime anyway. Considering the types of people most often caught in this manner, it's rare that issuing a citation and fine will result in someone actually paying the fine, so it ends up being mostly a costly process that diverts law enforcement money and time to something that doesn't generally help the community. If you leave a grab-and-go item out, most of the fault for getting it stolen is your own. We'd rather teach the community how to protect themselves and their property while apprehending criminals that have malicious intent before actually noticing someone's stupidity.

On the other hand, he continued by saying:

About the only time this is good practice is when the community produces multiple similar complaints of a single crime in a predictable location, and yet despite this, other forms of police action can't seem to find leads or arrests. It's mostly only helpful when this is the case and as a last resort, so to speak.

Thanks for posting; it gave me reason to talk to someone I hadn't talked to in a long time.

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