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Originally Posted by fc*uk View Post
they had a calendar that spanned 1,112 years in the future. Do you have a calendar that does out that far?
yup, i'll let take it from here

Originally Posted by
On time scales of thousands of years, the Gregorian calendar falls behind the seasons because the slowing down of the Earth's rotation makes each day slightly longer over time (see tidal acceleration and leap second) while the year maintains a more uniform duration. Borkowski reviewed mathematical models in the literature, and found that the results generally fall between a model by McCarthy and Babcock, and another by Stephenson and Morrison. If so, in the year 4000, the calendar will fall behind by at least 0.8 but less than 1.1 days. In the year 12,000 the calendar would fall behind by at least 8 but less than 12 days.[56]
so... our current calender will be accurate to less than one day 0.8 (of a day to be specific) for four thousand years and after twelve thousand years only be off by eight to twelve days total, i'd say the mayan calender's ass has already been whooped for a while actually overall.

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