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Originally Posted by fc*uk View Post
massively edited post.

on second thought, you are not worth my time and have been ignored so I don't see any of your ignorant posts ever again.

I also value this community and my potential ability to contribute here much more than arguing with someone as vile and disgusting as yourself. If I keep this up with you one or both us us will end up banned, and you are not worth that much to me.

dear god, you really have a lot to learn if you can't control your little temper at your age.
and seriously, i was only playfully jabbing, the fact that you're this upset about something i didn't even mean entirely seriously or really directed at you except playfully just goes to show that you totally agree with me, you don't want to believe keeping your patients addicted is part of the problem but you wouldn't be so defensive unless you knew deep down it really was.

and... community? wow... i admit, i enjoy typing to people here on the forums quite a bit, i'd even say i consider a few of you as friends but... that's quite a stretch, other people's opinions are rubbish at worst and fuel at best.

also, might i say that stereotyping someone who enjoys video games - i like all types of them honestly - a particular type or not as really anything and then attempting to use it as fuel for your own self righteous argument that is based on literally nothing but you're own assumption....

well... suffice to say the irony that you talk of ignorance in this situation is delicious.

I hate everyone, so you don't have to.
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