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Originally Posted by djpete1959 View Post
or just use version 1.72 the GOOD version. Been using it for 10 yrs no issue all versions of Winamp. PM me for a copy as it's rare as hen's teeth to find.
Pete, thanks, I am going to try going back to 1.72, the newest version does seem to still be chewing up some PF space over time - I was using 1.70 before changing to 1.75 but I might have a copy of 1.72 on an old machine, and I see at least one place to grab it from online, but if not, I'll get back to you for a copy (I see the author does not make the old versions available on his site). I expect 1.72 is from before the author added the cutesy little display window, do you recall any differences between 1.72 and 1.70? Thanks!
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