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Second life game

Originally Posted by Too-DAMN-Much View Post
anyone here heard of it or even play it?

if so, yes i know it's more virtual (user created) reality than a game, but this is the closest i can get to the correct forum.

anyway it's tons of fun, i work as a DJ on it and make pretty good (game) money, and if you really wish to you can sell your game money with no worries of being banned or anything, just the conversion ratio is kinda setup for buying it more than selling it E.G. $10,000L = $25 USD (approximately)

if you're interested and want more info/download

P.S. if you follow that link and need help understanding how to make the game function hit the button labeled "search" type in cheetah hammerer, go to my profile and press the shiny lil "send IM" button and i'll try to explain it.

P.S. #2 yes i'm a furry, usually a cheetah or stallion.
I haven't heard about this game, but I want to try it. Thanks.
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