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This occurred playing a FLAC that I ripped from a CD using Audacity.

It's easy enough to play back audio with a .WAV that has really loud material with short bits of silence in them.

mattdm11 could use to report if he has Replay Gain or any other audio plugins enabled.

Interesting. I just tried it with a .WAV file, and it didn't do it! I tried it with an AAC, and it did. Curiouser and curiouser.

Anyway, it's easy enough to winge about proper bug reports, and it's easy enough to test, if you want it actually find out.

BTW: Drag & Drop is working for me in the Playlist, just as long as I get far enough in the window. Unlike some others, I warmly receive the update to what some still consider the best media player out there; and making the Pro features free. It seems to me that it doesn't need much to be great on desktops again; but it does need some love from time to time.

Radiometry is not just the owner of a piece of software, but also the gatekeeper on updates for software that is still widely used and loved; and attempts to block this gate completely will generate ill-will from frustrated users. It just works that way. Whether you or I feel likewise doesn't really change it.
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