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single Card, dual Monitor, Visualization Fullscreen

Sending a Visualization from secondary Monitor into Fullscreen moves the Visualizationwindow to primary Monitor, depending on Plugin it plays successfull or not (Milkdrop fails, AVS succeeds, Tinyfullscreen produces Garbage over both of my Monitors). Fullscreening streamed Videos works flawless, tho.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3
installed Plugin: Null - clean vanilla Install
Graphics-Adapter: nVidia Geforce 8500 GT @ Forceware 178.24
Display#1: 17" @ 1280x1024, (DVI) BenQ FP71V+
Display#2: 15" @ 1024x768, (Analog) Medion MD9383AA

Additionaly succeeded in crashing Winamp into Desktop three or four Times by repeatedly clicking the "Fullscreen"-Button in the Visualizationtab of the Combined Display.

Winamp Facts: v5.541 x86, Aug 3 2008, Bento Skin (normal sized)
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