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i leverage most of the drawing code from the library plug-in (which always should have been in winamp.exe to avoid such issues) and that's why it's acting all weird (as i generally don't test without a library unless someone reports a bug) e.g. no skinned scrollbars. will try to look into it but is likely it'll be fixed after the 5.666 update release that is coming.

alternatively, try using the un-skinned version if using lite as you're effectively crippled in a number of API aspects which having the library (just gen_ml.dll if needed) present implements (which is dumb but is how things evolved and never got fixed to be shared correctly).

easiest fix for me is to disable skinned mode on lite / no-ml setups and if that's not liked, then i can be contacted after the release for a version that has skinning support when i've the time to look into re-implementing the APIs needed for lite / non-ml setups.

if that's not liked, now is the time to speak up before i make the changes.
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