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Here's a bug: If the output plug-in is missing, the "Can't find output plug-in" window comes up when Winamp attempts to play a file. Clicking on OK makes the window go away, but only for a split-second, because Winamp advances to the next file and tries to play it. So the error window comes up again and again, forever. You have to kill the winamp.exe process to break the cycle.

To test: Close Winamp. Open %appdata%\Winamp\winamp.ini and in the [Winamp] section, replace outname=whatever with outname=NONEXISTENT.dll. Save the file. Open Winamp and try to play a file. When the "Can't find output plug-in" error window comes up, click OK and see if you can make it go away.

(This came up for me because an output plug-in's uninstaller failed to revert winamp.ini its previous state.)

I am using Win7 64-bit, Winamp 5.666 en_us, Winamp Classic skin. Let me know if more info needed.

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