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Thank you for that new build. I am so sad I cannot use it because it all starts drawing all the fonts in ML in the Windows 3.11-style bold "System" font after clicking a few items, especially "Lokale Medien" (Local Media, the top one). All I click after that, get bold.

If I start up Winamp with a Playlist (such as "Alle") selected, they are drawed in my small Arial (as seen on some of the tree items in the screenshot). And when I then select e.g. "Lesezeichen" (Bookmarks), they are still small. But when I then click on "Lokale Medien", it gets bold and from then on, also "Lesezeichen" etc. are bold as well. (also the DVD drive gets Bold then, even if I don't click on it).

So sad, I guess I have to revert back to 5.65 which was the flaw-lessest version of the three last ones and port the bugfixes that affect me (actually only the stuttering Back button in gen_tray) back to this version by replacing the dll, if that works.

Or maybe this is a bug in the German Language Pack?

I will then of course try an update from Koopa, if and when there is one.

Anyway I bow my head in front of this huge effort and say a big THANK YOU (again)!
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