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Technically, this is not a bug (your request should be added to the wishlist sub-forum). Changing the default list of Winamp supported file format extensions is probably not going to happen, certainly not anytime soon. Some file format extensions are used for multiple formats. It is not possible to have unique extensions for everything. Currently Winamp relies on a file's extension, instead of examining a file's contents, to determine what format a file is actually using. Winamp is very old and with the changes to the way extensions are used, this method of determining a file's format does need to be updated.

The .msc extension is also used for the audio format related to "AdLib MSCplay" files. This usage predates Windows current usage of this extension for something else. When installing Winamp, the custom install mode must be used to go thru and select (manually Blacklist) the audio and video file format extensions you actually want Winamp to automatically play (when they are selected), instead of allowing the selection of all of the file format extensions Winamp tries to support (the default option).

Here is a link to a list of the default file format extensions associated with Winamp during a full (automatic) installation (

For those who don't already know:

Windows 8 thru 10 try to block apps from changing their file format associations after they are installed. Use the Windows "Default Programs" utility in it's Control Panel to make these changes. Use the right click (context menu) on the Start Button to get to the Control Panel. Select the "Associate a file type or protocol with a program" option in the utility. Then click on the "Current Default" column heading to group the assigned associations by program and scroll down to the Winamp group. Change the associations you don't want associated with Winamp. You can also use this utility to reassign file format extensions to Winamp that were 'highjacked' by other programs.

It wouldn't hurt to also use the Winamp Preferences to disable the file format extension selections you don't want Winamp associated with, in case Windows 10 is not successful (after a reboot) in blocking the 'wrong' selections Winamp was installed to use.

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