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Good to hear from you Atero. I've missed your highly inteligent attempts at abuse for things that have nothing to do with you

Your attempt to inveigle me not to post "randomly" might be founded if they were actually "random". Odviously resorting to colourful language one may pick up from a seedy back alley where crack cocaine and "Hoes" may be obtained, is a fitting way of showing your dissapreciation for things you don't understand .

Not to worry I have found an old dusty copy of the "Big ol' fun book of psychiatric experts, ways to help individuals not make fools of themselves .. written by Dr. Phil" which i could post you. A great read which I admit changed my life when I was an abusive, sexually frustrated, introvertedly sadistic egotist myself. There is hope ! moving along..

N E Way .. I have finnished my work now and I am a free man again. Unleashed from my bindings of the working class. I am once again umonkst the frey of self indulgence to do what ever I please.

A very interesting thread this one I have seen alot which is of good use to me.

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