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Hi thinktink,

You nailed it!

You clearly said X-Fade and NoFlush are for "SHOUTcasters ONLY" and I'm not a SHOUTCaster, but I decided to give them a try since I've been looking for a way to do crossfading at the input stage for a long time.

I've tested with mp3 files and my processing train is Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder v4.103 to BogProg X-Fade v2.0.0.1 to SA Stereo Tool v7.51 to BogProg NoFlush v1.0.0.0 to Matrix Mixer v0.9.163d to Nullsoft DirectSound Output v2.64d. It all works flawlessly (for straight playlist playback, no seeking), sounds great, and no artifacts at the crossover point.

I'm using the logarithmic crossfade and the high quality default re-sampling in X-Fade. Stereo Tool is a DSP plug-in. Matrix Mixer is an output plug-in to re-sample and up-mix for my 5.1 speaker system and 24/96 soundcard.

My mp3s were encoded at various quality rates from 128 to 320 kbps (mostly constant and some variable) and some are not 44100,16,2 files. X-Fade's re-sampling makes them all look the same to the DSP (at 1411 kbps according to Winamp). This alone is a benefit, even if the crossfading didn't work. I use the DSP to apply a slight enhancement which really helps the lower quality mp3s sound much better through my low cost Logitech speakers.

The X-Fade stats says that the process buffers are off and the DirectSound output status shows 0 dropouts during playback.

I've not tried seeking back and forth within a song or skipping songs ahead or backward. That may cause buffering issues, however I'll not be doing that with this setup anyway.

Winamp Pro v5.666.3516 fully-patched - Quinto Black CT v3.1 skin
Windows 10 Home 64-bit v20H2 desktop - Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker system
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