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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Hi thinktink,

You nailed it!

Outstandingly gratifying music to my ears.

I really do hope the VCL removal is worth it. I've been wanting to put in re-sampling support into this plugin for a long time, just never found a good re-sampling mechanism to do the job correctly 'till I really hit-the-books with DiskWrite.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post

The X-Fade stats says that the process buffers are off and the DirectSound output status shows 0 dropouts during playback.

I've not tried seeking back and forth within a song or skipping songs ahead or backward. That may cause buffering issues, however I'll not be doing that with this setup anyway.
The stats window is mostly for me (for debugging purposes.) I probably don't need it anymore since I've not had an issue with incorrectly interpreting the input plugin transcoder function data for a while now. I guess I'm just too lazy to take it out. However, just FYI, the "ProcessBuffers" item should only ever show "On" during an actual cross-fade. I don't know what "dropouts" are but it sounds bad and having zero of them is probably good. Idunno...

Seeking is very laggy depending on which output plugin you use and if the output plugin (like out_ds.dll) has large buffering. Expect lag and weirdness when seeking. Also, with X-Fade and NoFlush running, you won't get any seek fading support from out_ds.dll since out_ds.dll doesn't ever know a seek is taking place (which is what the flush(...) function is usually used for.)
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