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Version is now available for download.

Updates and fixes:
  1. Fixed major issue with resampler where large upsamples (i.e. 22050Hz upsampled to 44100Hz) were causing high CPU usage and chopped off file playback.
  2. Fixed crash issue with ultra-short files.
  3. Fixed metadata handling crash issue.
  4. Fixed temporary hang issue from conflict with another plugin.
  5. Added the ability to specify a file to not be crossfaded. This feature is accessed by opening the Unified File-info Editor Pane (Alt+3) and selecting the added [BogProg X-Fade] tab. This tab only appears for files that can be crossfaded. Screen shot of the new tab below.

Ack! I almost forgot:

Currently, all (as far as I know, all) of the official input plugins do not support writing of custom metadata fields. Because of this, I had to create a work-around. The attempt is made of course but if the attempt fails (and as of this writing it will) then the file information will be written to a plain-text file at "%appdata%\Winamp\Plugins\BPXFade.tdb". The full file path is included so if you move a media file to a new location then the state information will not follow the file. If you move a media file and still want it to block crossfading for that file then you will need to set the option for the file in it's new location again.
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