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Hello again,

I wrote the previous post before I tried the new version. Unfortunately, crossfading does not work for me with the new version. I've tried everything I can think of (changing the crossfade point, enabling and disabling re-sampling and logarithmic transitions, and deselecting the NoFlush output plug-in).

Also, data is not written to the "BPXFade.tdb" file until Winamp is shutdown. I had the crazy idea that the new feature might be working in reverse, so tried enabling the crossfading block for a few files to see if crossfading would then work.

Version does work for me. If it has something to do with the random hangs/crashes I've been having I can live with them, since they are rare. Maybe it has something to do with when NoFlush allows an actual flush to occur. I'll start documenting what I was doing and the total elapsed playback time between occurrences.

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