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Ok, that's disconcerting. I had no problems at all for the past three nights crossfading music.

I'm at work at the moment and I need to finish off some things. In the meantime, please post an Info Tool report and list the file types you're generally playing that aren't crossfading, post a sample file if you can. Also, make note of the CPU usage during playback and just before it's supposed to crossfade. I put code in to pre-load the transcoder functions for the next song (after a delay) and I'm wondering if maybe CPU usage is preventing crossfades on your system (I doubt it but it doesn't hurt to check.)

The conflicting plugin was WebJockey, but I'm assuming you don't use that.

"BPXFade.tdb" not being written until shutdown is normal and expected operation.

The random crashes you were seeing are very likely to be related to the metadata handling crash fixes in this latest release.

On it's own, NoFlush passing on an actual flush (where it would normally block) only occurs if the playback has been continuously longer than two weeks, and even then only does it once (then another two weeks, flush... then another two weeks, flush... so on and so forth). If it seems NoFlush is passing flushes on when it shouldn't then it might mean that X-Fade believes (for some inexplicable reason) it can't crossfade the media (and then is calling Out->Close(..) and Out->Open(...) and not Out->Flush(...).) An output chaining plugin that logs calls would be a good way to determine that. I'll see if I have one floating around somewhere...
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