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Here we go. To check for the call to Flush(...) during failed crossfade attempts I'm attaching a plugin in a zip archive that will log the output plugin API calls. To use, copy (or move) the plugin file to the Plugins folder, open the preferences for NoFlush and select it as the output plugin to chain (it will be called BogProg LogOutput.) The plugin itself just loads and passes on the calls it receives to the DirectSound output plugin so everything should function normally. Leave just two files in the Winamp Playlist and from a fresh running instance play the first file and wait for the crossfade to fail. Wait about 2 seconds of the playback from the second file then directly quit Winamp. The log file will be located at "%appdata%\Winamp\BPOutputLog.csv". You will need to put it into a zip file before posting on the forums.

Plugin archive attached.

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