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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post

But (there's always a but ), this version exposes a problem with the crossfade blocking feature. The song immediately before the songs selected to be blocked also does not crossfade. It seems like your plug-in does not 'see' it. There is no spike in CPU usage following the transition of the song prior to the first one that is selected for blocking.

I'm having a hard time understanding your description. The crossfade blocking should only be blocking crossfades of songs that are marked for blocking on both the start and end of the song (no intro or outro crossfades.)

Here's a text-based illustration using five songs in a playlist:
Songs marked with X are blocked. Songs marked with O are not blocked

-------------------Song 1----------------O--
crossfade allowed
-------------------Song 2----------------O--
crossfade blocked
-------------------Song 3----------------X--
crossfade blocked
-------------------Song 4----------------O--
crossfade allowed
-------------------Song 5----------------O--

The goal of the crossfade blocking feature is so that advertisements on SHOUTcast stations can be protected from crossfading. Must keep those advertisers happy.
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